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Slider Board
Slider Board
Change the scene of production and logistics.
A skid sheet turns it much. All you need is to lay the sheet at sliding area.
It makes easy to "push, turn, pull" moving operations for cargo-handling
and assembly process.

Slider Stock
Slider Stock
Light and simple ! Sliding shelves can be built by just putting the sheet on it !
"environmentally friendly products" with startling durability and recyclability.
It provides energy savings with distinguished ventilation.

Thin-make eco tray
Thin-make eco tray
Precision thin-make tray molded by original derivative limb technology.
Precision finished quality with function of cushion !
Distinguished cost advantage through washing for reuse of eco tray !

Daisan eco box
Daisan eco box
Light and durable ! It fits for various uses.
Wide choises of color variation, the ready legibility from away !
Single material for three layer system ! Recyclable without waste separation !

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